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Emmanuel Jackson

Lead Pastor

Office: 281-392-2300 x210
Twitter: @PastorEJack

Pastor Emmanuel is head of staff and lead pastor of Living Word. As Lead Pastor, he oversees the spiritual health and vitality of our community, ensuring that Living Word remains focused on its God-given mission and vision. God first called Pastor Emmanuel to Living Word in 2008 as Associate Pastor, then in 2012 as Lead Pastor. He is gifted preacher and visionary; always exploring new ways to be church in a changing world. He is a graduate of Carthage College and the Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago. Pastor Emmanuel is married to Annick and they have two sons, Rod and Matrix.  He is also an avid sports fan, and believes that “real football” is played with your feet, not with your hands.

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Jeremy Freye

Executive Pastor

Office: 281-392-2300 x209
Twitter: @pjfreye

Pastor Jeremy (PJ) is the Executive Pastor at Living Word. PJ’s main focus is to equip, compel, and employ people to live out the vision and mission of Living Word through their God given gifts, skills, and abilities. He was called to serve Living Word in January 2014.   PJ has been ordained since February of 2005 and has served congregations in Indiana and Nebraska. He is a graduate of Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota which is his hometown.  PJ is married to Jaymie and they have two children, Hunter and Bailey.

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Jinny Sutherland Breedlove

Associate Director of Discipleship

Office: 281-392-2300 x207

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Kristian Davis

Worship Arts Technician


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Lynda Dowd

Business Administrator

Office: 281-392-2300 x205

I am responsible for all things related to money.  This includes posting contributions, online giving, offering envelopes, year-end statements, Shelby WEBVIEW, bill paying, financial reporting and record keeping.

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Peter Farquharson

IT and Facility Manager

Office: 281-392-2300 x208

I have responsibilities for two areas.  I have oversight for all the information technology and related services that enable the church to carry out its mission.  Secondly, I oversee the facility to ensure things are available, and in proper working condition for your safety and comfort.

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Ute Gustafson

Media Communications Director

Office: 281-392-2300 x202

As Living Word’s Media Communications Director, my primary responsibility is to create the three worship service scripts for Sunday worship. In addition, I support our ministries by publicizing events through our various communication channels. Let me know how I can help support your ministry at Living Word!

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John Hopkins

Director of Maintenance


My main responsibilities as Director of Maintenance are the buildings and grounds.  My job consists of three parts:  your safety, your comfort, and the overall attractiveness of your campus.  I am also the gatekeeper to the church’s offsite storage where we store items that are not needed frequently.

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Natalie Johnson

Contemporary Worship Leader


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Christopher Nord

Director of Hospitality and Care

Office: 281-392-2300 x204

As Director of Hospitality and Care, I identify, equip and utilize the gifts and skills of God’s people at Living Word to advance our mission and vision.  I coordinate worship volunteers, new member orientation and integration, and support staff backup.  I help develop, coordinate and implement education and formation initiatives, new ministries, and support existing ministries.

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Barry Sames

Director of Music and Worship Arts

Office: 281-392-2300 x213

As Director of Music and Worship arts, I strive to use my gifts and encourage other congregants to share theirs in order to enrich the music ministries on all levels at Living Word. I work with the senior worship staff to present a varied music program inclusive of all styles and cultures, modeling God’s kingdom and meaningful worship.

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Julia Wiseman

Ministry Administrator

Office: 281-392-2300 x201

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Church Council Members