What  is a Milestone?

A faith milestone is a marker along life's journey that says, "This is something important and God is here, too." Marking a milestone is a Biblically-based spiritual practice in both home and congregation, that help all generations recognize God's presence in all of life.

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The New Member Milestone Class is designed for individuals, couples and families to learn together about being Lutheran, Living Word and next steps after becoming a member. We also spend time getting to know each other! Everything wraps up with the New Member Milestone Worship Celebration at the 11:00am service.


Communion is a wonderful celebration where God's people gather together to remember God's love for us, Jesus's sacrifice on the cross and our connection to one another. This milestone is targeted for first graders and their parents, but older children who have not participated in Communion Instruction are also welcome. We spend a fun afternoon learning, talking and interacting about this special meal we share together every Sunday!

How do I know my child is ready?

In the Lutheran church, all baptized Christians are welcome to the Lord's table. If your child is asking about taking communion then they are ready! 


One of the promises a parent makes at their child's Baptism is to "place in their hands the Holy Scripture." We invite children and their parents to a class that gets them into Scripture together learning about how the Bible was put together, how to navigate the Bible and so much more! Everything concludes  with a blessing at the worship celebration of the student, parents, and their new Bible!


This sexuality/dating milestone consists of a Friday evening 6 pm to Saturday evening 6 pm retreat. Parents are welcome to attend with their child, but are not required to. There is a Human Dignity Milestone Celebration at the 9:15 worship service, followed by a required lunch at which parents and students have a chance to discuss what was learned on the retreat by the students and parental expectations about dating. Conversation starters are provided!
This is a synod-wide event; we work with several other ELCA youth directors and pastors on this milestone and students from various churches attend. We structure the retreat with a combination of big group/small group talks/activities and energy spenders. We end with a contemplative worship time, which includes communion.
Most students who go on the retreat are not dating yet or have just begun dating, so our material is geared toward that population. We present the topics "Created For Good", "Voices of Influence", "Healthy Dating" and "Sexuality". During the retreat we answer questions that are asked by the students either verbally or anonymously via a question box. Don Carlson, former assistant to the bishop, leads a discussion group for parents.


We call this milestone Confirmation in recognition of the fact that the confirmand is affirming/confirming that he/she wants to continue keeping the promises that were made by others at his/her baptism. Confirmands who are in our traditional Confirmation Youth Ministry (CYM) program are in 8th grade when they affirm their baptisms, but we also have an Alternative Confirmation program for older students. 


The Driver's License Milestone is for students who are preparing to drive. We will focus on safe choices while driving, parent expectations/consequences and the joys of having a student who can drive! We watch a few video clips, have some discussion and present several different versions of driving contracts for parents and students to fill out.


High School Graduation is an exciting time! Our Milestone concentrates on celebrating this achievement, conversations about the next stage of life and prayers for the transition time ahead.