Children in Worship

We love children in worship with their families at Living Word!

Worship is for everyone! The invitation to worship is extended to all…

“Come, let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the Lord our Maker”.
- Psalm 95

Tips for Parents


+ Pack a dry snack or special activity for the sermon.
+ Pack an activity bag. Include items like a coloring book, Bible, books, stuffed animal, small figurines, or cars.
+ Talk about what you are excited about in worship and who you might see.
+ Talk about who you might pray for this week.
+ Get your offering ready for worship. Your child can hold it in their own purse or bag.


+ Find a seat near the front of the sanctuary. Children are better able to participate in worship when they can see what is happening.
+ Say “hi” to people, some you know and some you don’t.
+ Walk around and look at the hanging banners, point out the color of the paraments on the altar, go listen to the organ or band playing.
+ Make a stop by the bathroom. (Good tip for every age!)
+ Grab a children’s worship bag from the lobby/narthex area.


+ Set an example by engaging in all aspects of worship yourself.
+ Help your child sing the songs or clap as their own way of contributing.
+ Encourage your child to stand and sit at appropriate times. For example, explain that we stand when the Gospel is read to give honor to God’s Word.
+ Give your child a dry snack or a new activity to do during the sermon.
+ Remind your child about what is coming next. For example, the prayers are coming up. Who are we going to pray for?
+ Allow your child to put their offering into the plate and help pass it along to the next person.

Make it a ritual to worship every Sunday so the practice becomes a fabric of your life as a family.