Ministry Partners

Meet Our Ministry Partners

Our vision at Living Word is to be a living expression of Christ in the world. Our mission is to welcome, equip and send. Daily, we partner with ministries locally, nationally and globally to fulfil God’s call. We tithe to our ministry partners, we pray for and with our ministry partners and we share stories. We believe in the work our ministry partners do daily to bring Christ’s love to a hurting world. Take a moment to learn more about our partners in ministry.

Texas Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod

A network of 110+ Lutheran congregations, missions, and ministries working together to plant churches, support churches around the world, prepare pastors, help congregations find pastors, support congregations in crisis, encourage evangelism, generosity and ministry among people of all ages. Learn more at:

Lutherhill Ministries

Welcomes all people, of every generation to experience the love of Christ in unique settings and new ways. Learn more at:

Christ Clinic Katy

Christ Clinic provides comprehensive primary healthcare to adults in the Katy area who:
• Are between the ages of 18 and older
• Have no regular doctor
• Have no private insurance, Medicare or Veteran's medical benefits
• Are low income (Our definition of low income is that a person can have wages/salary to 200% of the federal poverty level (FPL) or under.) Learn more at:

Katy Christian Ministries

“Transforming lives through God’s grace and the generosity of the community by helping local families and individuals fight poverty, food insecurity, domestic violence and sexual assault since 1984."  Learn more at:

Acts of Wisdom

Dedicated to assist those in rural Africa in their quest to obtain quality, relevant education. Learn more at:

Katy Cares

Believe healing homelessness begins with the whole person. Every individual entering our home will have the opportunity to discover their unique purpose and embark on a challenging and rewarding journey towards hope for their future. Success from our program is obtained through each mother committing to the challenging process – from our rigorous educational advancement, intensive counseling and support groups to spiritual growth and making connections in the community. Each woman that graduates from her individualized program can proudly say she has persevered and made a choice to rise above. Did you know…
• There were 973 homeless students in Katy ISD according to Katy ISD official statistics report.
• There are over 50 shelters and homes in the Houston and surrounding areas. However, Katy Cares is the only one currently serving our community.
• 150+ children from Katy were bused in with Katy ISD’s privately contracted bus company from shelters and homes outside of the Katy area.
• 80% of families experiencing homelessness are single mother families.
Learn more at:

Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago

The mission of the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, a seminary of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, is to form visionary leaders to bear witness to the good news of Jesus Christ. We seek to build up the Body of Christ and work for a world of peace and justice that cares for the whole creation. LSTC is Christ-centered, responsive to its context, attentive to diversity and committed to excellence. Learn more at:

Bright Stars of Bethlehem

Provides funding and support to educational and cultural initiatives through Dar al-Kalima University of Arts and Culture and its partner programs for youth, families and older adults in Palestine and the Holy Land. Learn more at:

Upbring (Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest)

Every child is a gift. Every child deserves love. Every child needs a champion to keep them safe, help them grow healthy and strong and encourage their dreams. The mission to break the cycle of child abuse is bigger than any single organization. Working with our generous friends and our key stakeholders, Upbring is building brighter futures for Texas children. Together, we can give all Texas children a brighter future. Learn more at:

Krist Samaritan Center

Is dedicated to helping those in need attain emotional, mental, and spiritual health through counseling, education, and professional training programs. We strive to serve everyone regardless of age, ethnicity, faith, or ability to pay. Life is complicated. Help doesn’t have to be. Learn more at:

Zoe Helps

We empower vulnerable children to move beyond charity. We are breaking the cycle of extreme poverty around the world by empowering orphans and vulnerable children to become entrepreneurs who are socially, economically, and spiritually strong — transforming entire communities in the process. Learn more at:

Lutheran Seminary of the Southwest (LSPS)

LSPS is known for its unique cultural and linguistic accent that is their trademark in theological education. It does this through a Theological Education for Emerging Ministries Program which we call TEEM. Through this program students develop skills and sensitivity to serve the church amid ambiguity, transition and diversity. They are prepared to address the changing mood and face of our country. Its area of emphasis includes the following: ethnic specific ministry, inner city and rural ministry, renewal of congregations in decline and innovative mission starts. All this is done by following the candidacy requirements of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) in the formation of students who are prepared and qualified to serve as valued ordained rostered leaders of the ELCA. Learn more at:

Interfaith Care Partners

Is a nonprofit, volunteer led organization that provides support, education, and resources for caregivers and quality care for those living with memory loss and other challenges of aging. Much of our care is for the vulnerable elderly and individuals with Alzheimer’s or related dementia. Care Partners, serves all people at no cost without proselytizing. We provide life-changing care as well as educational and support services to more than 5,700 people in the Greater Houston and Waco areas. Our award-winning volunteer Care Team® model includes more than 2,500 individuals who help support our four primary programs; Gathering Place, Second Family, Common Ground and Caregiver Conferences while providing over 122,000 volunteer caregiving hours yearly which equals over $3.1 million of free care. Learn more at:

(Sanctuary Campus Ministry) Houston Area Campus Ministries

An open community welcoming faith exploration. Sanctuary is community for the curious serving Rice University and the University of Houston students, faculty and staff. Learn more at:

Kindred Dinner Church

Kindred is a way of life. It’s not something you “go to,” it’s something you are a part of. We believe that God is on the move in Montrose, in the greater Houston area, and beyond. We want to join in. It’s that simple. The implications of following Jesus are complex, but the church doesn’t have to be complicated. We get to join God in the creation of a community that equips and empowers people to love as we have been loved, to recognize the divine in the daily, and to be a light for justice and peace in our sacred city. Learn more at:

The Lutheran Church in Peru

La Iglesia Luterana de Peru, IL-P [The Lutheran Church of Peru], a member of the Lutheran World Federation, is comprised of over a dozen congregations and several mission starts or faith communities, as they are called in Peru.
IL-P does not shy away from announcing God’s word and denouncing injustice when and where needed. IL-P is known for reminding the centers of power that they need to be held responsible for serving the people from whom their power is derived. As a national church body present in the lives of people relegated to society’s margins, IL-P responds prophetically to the many injustices that impact impoverished, mostly forgotten Peruvians. Learn more at:

Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Central African Republic

Eglise Evangéliqe Luthérienne de la République Centrafricaine has an estimated 55,000 members in 300 congregations. Its presence is strongest in the Western province of Nana Mambéré, near Cameroon, although there is also a well-established congregation in the capital of Bangui.
The church has a seminary, a bible school (to train catechists), a strong women’s organization (Women for Christ), and a youth program. Meeting the needs of the people is an integral part of the church’s mission of sharing the Gospel, and it has many ministries in education, healthcare, agriculture, and water development. Through its ministries, the church helps meet the urgent need for safe drinking water and adequate food, works to lower the rate of infant and maternal mortality, combats AIDS, malaria, and other illnesses, provides basic education, develops women’s leadership, and more. Learn more at

Missionary Support/Rural Pastor

Living Word partners with the Lutheran Church in Liberia to support and pay the stipends to pastors in rural communities.