In baptism, the faith community promises to help parents in raising their children in the Christian faith.  The Milestones Ministry is a key way the church can partner with families in equipping them with the tools to live out their faith together.  All classes involve practical hands-on instruction, parent participation is expected and wraps up with a worship celebration on Sunday morning.

What  is a Milestone?

A faith milestone is a marker along life's journey that says, "This is Something important and God is here, too." Marking a milestone is a Biblically-based spiritual practice in both home and congregation, that help all generations recognize God's presence in all of life.

Four Elements of a Faith Milestone:

1.   Naming the sacred and ordinary events that are recognized in the life of a congregation, as well as in our daily lives.
2.  Equipping brings generations together, builds community, invites conversation, encourages storytelling and provides information.
3.  Blessing the individual and marking the occasion in a worship service and in the home.
4.  Gifting is a tangible, visible item that serves as a reminder or symbol of the occasion being marked, as well as a resource for the ongoing nurture of faith in daily life. 


Upcoming Milestones